Situated in the heart of Athens, Roma Gallery stands as a focal point for Greek postmodern and contemporary art. Our objective is to support an ongoing intellectual and visual dialogue with established and emerging artists, while fostering connections between traditional roots and modern innovation in Greece. This exchange between contemporary and post-war art defines our gallery’s ethos and shapes our contribution to the ongoing artistic discourse.

Introduced in 2019, our year-round program underscores our commitment and continuous engagement with the local artistic community via fostering collaborations with artists, estates, foundations and curators. Our curated lineup showcases the distinctive essence of Greek artistry through a dynamic array of artistic practices.

Central to our mission is the aspiration to serve as a catalyst for inspiration, facilitating collective exchanges and collaborative projects that enrich the cultural and intellectual landscape. Through these initiatives, we strive to create a platform where each artistic gesture resonates with the Athenean audience and tells its own unique story.