Shipment costs are not included in the product price, and are borne by the buyers, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

By placing products in your order basket, you can see your order’s shipment cost. The shipment cost is not standard, but varies depending on your address, and the size and weight of your order.

In case the product is not immediately available to be shipped, the order will remain pending and our company will communicate to you the expected availability date, the substitution or cancellation of the order.

The address specified by the buyer must be real and valid. In case the buyer is absent from the address he/she has specified, or his/her address details have changed, the buyer is responsible for notifying the company in a timely manner, in order to ship the order to the correct address. Otherwise, the buyer will bear the additional shipment cost.

Notice: Receiving the item and signing to the carrier equates with acceptance of the product and of its excellent condition.

All products are shipped by courier to the address you have specified in your order within 5-7 working days, provided they are readily available.